Best Service Without Big Price Tags. Have you recently been greeted with a rude shock when you picked up your car up from a mechanic?


Eurozone has the modernised towing vehicles, the towing vehicles which we own will not damage your car during the towing process. We a so provide you with optimum, high-speed roadside and towing service. A team of professionals would be sent to settle “on the spot” situations for accidents.


3 win- insurance with low cost; company benefits; owner benefits, is one of our service mottos. Company cars that are sent via insurance will be handled by us proficiently, we will not further damage your car to claim extra insurance (extra profit).


Our team is very experienced in dealing with this aspect of insurance, we will make sure everything is dealt professionally.


Our local professionals use meticulous, piecemeal, and methodical ways to ensure your vehicle is upgraded, overhauled to your desired performance by running tests, cleaning, removing, replacing, reassembling the parts Of your car. We use only fully imported parts to tune up your vehicle, making sure that we provide the best for you, our valued customers.


There is nothing that we could not repair, fix or replace at Eurozone. Our local professional panel beaters have access to a wide array
Of fully imported tools and equipments. The end results of our local professionals who had completed their work is near impeccability, the panels restored are flawlessly smooth and perfectly match the car’s original shape.


Eurozone has local professionals and fully imported electronic measuring and chassis straightening systems required to get your car back to its original alignment. In most cases Of car accidents, the structural integrity Of the car will be misaligned. With modern cars, precision within the structural of the car is integral, even a couple of millimeters can make a difference of the drivability, steering and safety Of the car. Thus, Eurozone is the perfect place for you to go to.


A modern car is full of electrical components, something may fail to work at a point in time. Either it is the electric window, the engine starter or whichever parts that goes wrong, it needs to be deftly diagnosed, replaced, and swiftly repaired to prevent further damage to the vehicle. Eurozone has a wide range Of parts that are fully imported, and local professionals that are highly trained to professionally rewire your car back into perfect shape.


Driving on highways, the small pebbles may shatter your windscreen, leaving a spider-web shape or just a small crevice on your windscreen. NO matter how small the shatter is, Eurozone has local professionals to proficiently help you carry out the insurance process of this kind of accidents that happen quite often in Malaysia, repairing your vehicle with the assistance of fully imported equipments.


Eurozone has the utmost quality, modernized car wash and polish, using fully imported equipments, we will make sure that your car is left spotless for a long period of time.


Eurozone also has car washing professionals that will make sure the interior and the exterior of your vehicle to be luxurious and clean.


Eurozone has the cushion upholstery that is fully imported, high quality and will be professionally installed by Our local specialist. Most of the modern cars come with leather cushions.


By installing the cushion upholstery for the leather cushions in your car, you will get abetter driving experience, an easier way to clean the interior Of your car, and providing the ‘new car’ aroma for you.


Eurozone has the state-of-art equipments and machinery to diagnose the body of your car in a minute way, and a special, high spec spray paint machine to refurbish the colour of your car, making it scratch resistant, anti-decolourise and ultimate finish to the totality of your car.

Our professionals will be wearing the breathing protection equipment, using Sata’s technology to give your vehicle the colour beyond your heart’s desire.


Eurozone uses the newest technology of qualified and certified tinted film to negate most of the sunlight from entering your car, our local
professionals install the tinted film onto your car with high precision, making the tinted films to last longer.